Contract In-House Recruitment

Contract In-House Recruitment ($7,500 per month)

$ 3,000.00

Your company is growing. We get it. While most incubators suggest that founders spend 40% of their time recruiting, we know that you'd rather be spending that time improving your product and delivering it to your growing customer base.  At JumpSmart, we focus on recruiting data engineers with skills in database design, system architecture, programming, and data pipeline creation so you don’t have to take your eye off the ball. This product was designed for companies who are emerging, and have yet to build out a robust HR vertical. If you have more than 4 hires to make in the next 6 months, this will certainly be a cost savings as compared to hiring an internal recruiter and/or using traditional search. You’ll receive weekly status update calls, monthly onsite meetings, and a customized Talent Acquisition plan for your growth. $7,500/ Month with $3000 set up fee. If you
pay your set-up fee below, we will pro-rate your first month. Cancel any time.