November Promotion: AI Research Engineer Search Credit $6,666

November Promotion: AI Research Engineer Search Credit $6,666

Regular price $ 36,000.00 Sale price $ 6,666.00

Our November Promotion is created to help emerging Generative AI companies like yours hire and retain their core foundational AI research team.  We have personal relationships with 1000+ experts in Computer Vision, speech-to-speech translation, test-to-speech translation, text-to-video generation, Neural Rendering, and speech-to-video research engineers who have been presenting at conferences like IEEE, Siggraph, and ICCV.  

Because we are committed to helping candidates from top research institutions find the best emerging companies to build with, we are offering a discounted search credit on the AI research engineer role for first-time clients. If you are hiring research engineers or building a generative AI research team, our November Promotion will help you. 

For Every Search Credit, We Will:

  • Complete candidate identification research, full vetting, market mapping, and headhunting services.
  • Source and attract candidates by using databases, referrals, and social media.
  • Screen candidates and present a shortlist of candidates.
  • Keep client names confidential and limit client exposure until a candidate is interested.
  • Within 10 business days, we will present a vetted shortlist from which you can select candidates to interview.
  • We will repeat the process until you make a hire. 
  • All hires are guaranteed for 90 days for a free replacement. 

As you know these searches are valued at an average of $36,000 on a contingent model.  With our pre-pay model, you will not only have the benefit of a trusted partner with an established footprint in the talent market, you will pay no additional fees at the end of your search when you make a hire. 

Our Methodology

Our methodology is a combination of automated searching and classical headhunting. We thoroughly vet every candidate we submit to our clients. When you purchase a search credit an expert recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a kick-off call. We will work with you to determine the best job description, salary band, and market approach. Then, we will reach out to our existing network of candidates for preliminary phone interviews. 

We create a market map for your firm, and take a traditional headhunting approach, while simultaneously using automated research tools to engage harder-to-find candidates. 

Search Credits

A search credit correlates to one hire. There are no additional fees for hiring.  Search credits never expire and can be rolled on to different hiring needs if your hiring needs change.  They must be purchased before a search commences.

Why Use a Flat Fee Model?

Our flat-fee approach allows us to engage a diverse and inclusive slate of candidates and advise candidly on market salary.