Executive Level Retained Search 20% Placement Fee
Executive Level Retained Search 20% Placement Fee

Executive Level Retained Search 20% Placement Fee

$ 10,000.00

C-Suite and VP Level recruitment requires a real-time market map to be created and pursued at the time of hire.  Candidate acquisition at this level requires personal attention and correspondence with passive candidates in the market.  Our expert Executive Recruiters will find the perfect candidate to lead your organization through this major leadership change while keeping your company identification discrete. 

We have deeply entrenched knowledge of the people and companies that create the future in the field of data science and data engineering. Trusting a JumpSmart recruiter with your executive-level search will give you access to candidates otherwise not available on the active candidate market.  Our average time to fill all roles is 35 days. 

You can expect:

  • National market mapping of your competitors and their leadership
  • Salary insights and direction of current market salaries
  • High-level introduction to passively interested candidates
  • Full vetting, interviewing, write-ups, and reference checking
  • Market updates on information gleaned during the headhunting process
  • Expertly written job description and employer branded materials

When you purchase your retainer, a specialist will call you to kick off your search.  Upon the candidate's first day of employment, we will bill for the balance of a 20% search fee based upon first-year guaranteed compensation.  All executive-level searches are guaranteed 120 days for a replacement.