Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

Jumpsmart is disrupting the recruitment industry by creating a monthly membership that entitles members to outsourced talent acquisition services.  We act as your "In-house" recruiters while leveraging our third party status as an agency to go after passive candidates. Paying per placement can be costly and risky if the hire does not work out.  Jumpsmart members take very little upfront risk for fully guaranteed placements for the lifetime of their memberships. 

How do we do it?

We are selective about our membership base so we create synergies among the roles we fill.  This means we have a map of your market before you even request a hire. We also leverage our own technology to map the talent market near your HQ. 

What roles do we fill?

We fill all roles in accounting and finance up to the director level, sales and marketing to the director level, technology and development up to the director level, and human resources up to the director level. We also fill tech roles in engineering, development, analytics, product, UX, and UI. 

What if you need more senior level placements?

Members will have exclusive member pricing for C-level and VP level placements.  These roles require a market to be built ad hoc, and will receive a dedicated specialist. 

How much money can we save you?

The average fee in the recruitment industry is $10,000 per placement.  Over a year we can save you $118,000 for 12 placements.  

Can we actually do this?

We've plucked the most talented recruiters from the biggest firms in the world (we are head hunters, remember?)  Trust us, we got this.