In-House Recruitment $5000/ Month

In-House Recruitment $5000/ Month

$ 3,000.00

When your company has a number of openings across different verticals, it's best to hire an internal recruiter. Our internal recruiters can handle a 7-10 open jobs at a time and have an average of 45 days to fill per role.  The difference between an internal and external recruiter really lies in the internal recruiter's time spent with the team, developing a long term hiring strategy as opposed to identifying a key hire for your organization.  It's time to hire one of our internal recruiters if:

  • Your company has more than 3 openings 
  • You do not have dedicated headcount for an additional HR hire 
  • You require strategic sourcing, and the review of internal submissions

Our Internal Recruiters can bridge the gap as you grow into a robust HR function. Here's how we do it. 

  • JumpSmart Internal Recruiters spend 3 hours per week strategizing with your internal teams and key hiring managers
  • We handle all of the first round HR interviews and write-ups so qualifying candidates can go directly to interviews with Line Managers
  • All candidates are actioned through your internal ATS system
  • Dedicated 15-20 hours of interviews and follow-up per week. 

This product is designed to assist your growing company in the development of standard operating procedures for your internal HR function and assist your Human Resources department in all interview scheduling, followup, and strategic sourcing. 

Typically, clients engage an internal recruiter for 3-9 months which enables them to bridge a hiring sprint or a fundraising round.  There is a $3,000 set up fee for new clients and a monthly fee of $5,000.   Pay your set-up fee below, and your first month will be billed in 30 days. 

Once you've purchased your set-up fee, your internal recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a kickoff meeting.