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How to Hire an Outstanding Sales Director

Many of our clients are growing very quickly, and when it comes to growth, growing sales play a major role in engaging stakeholders and raising the profile of your startup.  It’s no wonder that hiring a Sales Director is a key strategic hire within the first 18 months of funding.   Here’s a quick run down of what I look for when I’m selecting a shortlist of Sales Directors for our Members.  1. Job Stability As the founder of a company myself, and as someone who has trained and hired salespeople, I can tell you that when a salesperson is making a great impact on my bottom line, I am going to move Heaven and Earth to keep them well...

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3 Reasons Your Startup Needs JumpSmart

1) Time-  By this time, many of us have heard the almost mythological story of how Lori Goler landed her role at Facebook by asking Sheryl Sandberg the famous question, "What is your biggest problem and how can I help solve it for you?"   And while we all remain in awe at amazing intuition behind Goler's question... We should also be amazed by Sheryl's response.  "Recruitment."  Recruitment!  You mean to tell me that the hardest and most time consuming part of her job was... you know... not actually her job? That would be like hiring someone to sing a concert and telling them that before they can go onstage, they first have to hang all the lights.  Sure, some...

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