Women in Tech: Stop doing THIS on your Resume

One of my favorite things in the world is helping women get amazing roles that are often 90% men.  I worked with a candidate who was an amazing women in technology, and we were trying to solve the problem of why she was getting called in for roles that were not senior enough for her.  

So I took a look at her resume.  Knowing that she was the first woman to have achieved the level of success in a highly technical field, I assumed her resume would read like the A side of the Beatle's Greatest Hits. 

But, it didn't.  And there were two big problems with her resume.  First, she was WAY too humble. I mean this chica did a TED talk, and she shared a stage with Martha Stewart on a speaker series.  MARTHA STEWART!  The TED talk was not even on her resume.  She "didn't want to brag." 

To quote my Dad, "If you can do it, it ain't braggin'"  

But the second problem was more subtle.  She used some gender-loaded terms on her resume.  For instance, she used the word "nurture" more than three times.  And I know she was proud of developing the talent on her team, but these words were undermining her.  

"Nurtured developing engineers," means the same thing as, "Identified, trained, and developed a team of engineers," but the second one is more specific and gender-neurtral.

Resumes with active verbs like, "Spearhead," Execute," "Oversee," "Evaluate," and "Determine."  can help women get seen for jobs they are already qualified for.  

I encourage you to take a look at your resume and make sure you are using active verbs!