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Don't Let the Urgent Overshadow the Important

This Blog Post is Part 2 of my Three Part Series on Time Management for Recruiters.   I opened this Blog Post with a quote from my dad.  "Never let the Urgent Overshadow the Important." That means that no matter what feels like the the ticking time bomb in the middle of your day, you need to focus on the tasks that are going to build you a lasting pipeline and healthy business.  Here's an example. A client has retained you to find a CFO.  You have let him know that your shortlist will take a minimum of 10 business days to create.  He sends you an email on day two that says, "Very Disappointed We Haven't Seen Any Candidates."...

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Being on Time

I decided to write this blog post because of something I observed last week.  In the genre of literature that deals with career development and interviewing,  the notion that one must never be late for an interview is a given.  In fact, I even contemplated not writing this blog post, because everyone should already know that they must be on time for interviews.  Then I witnessed something so unbelievably awkward that I was twitching, even though I wasn't really a party to the situation.  I work in a co-working space, so it isn't uncommon for me to see the comings and goings of the appointments for other startups.   So here's what happened.  A candidate didn't show up on time...

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Quick Three Step Process for a Preliminary Interview

If you are a line manager, in other words, not in Human Resources-- Interviewing can be daunting and difficult.  It certainly isn't what you usually do on a day to day basis.   I thought I would take a second to just give you a simple formula for a preliminary interview.  1.  Ask the candidate about their background.  2.  Ask questions that are specific to the role you are filling.  3. Allow the candidate to ask you any questions about the company.  Take a look at the video below!  Happy hiring! 

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