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How to Deal with Jerks at Work

They're out there.  You know them.  I  bet the minute you read that headline, a person  came to mind for you.  That's right.... a "Work Jerk."  Someone who puts the "i" in "team" at your place of employment.  Here's a few different tactics for dealing with Jerks at Work.  1)  Out Jerk Them You might be thinking "what kind of a blog is this?" but... hear me out.  A lot of times when you are the noob on a team (especially a sales team) the initial jerkiness is really just a test of your strength as a peer.   Let me give you an example.  I have an awesome family member who works in sales and she was brought in...

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What an Old Celtic Ritual Has to do with Your Career

Have you seen my name?  Justine Beirne Akley? Through birth and marriage I've been blessed with not one but two old gaelic names.  Justine of the Bear and Oak.  I like that.   Celtic culture and heritage has been a massive part of my life from the terrifying number of Irish Step Dancing Competitions I attended (ahem... won...) during my formative years (thanks dad!) to the in depth study of the Famine and the literature surrounding it that was at the center of my studies at NYU, being me has a lot to do with being Irish.   And today is a major Celtic holiday.  No, it's not St. Patrick's day (I have mixed feelings about the stereotypes associated with...

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Don't Let the Urgent Overshadow the Important

This Blog Post is Part 2 of my Three Part Series on Time Management for Recruiters.   I opened this Blog Post with a quote from my dad.  "Never let the Urgent Overshadow the Important." That means that no matter what feels like the the ticking time bomb in the middle of your day, you need to focus on the tasks that are going to build you a lasting pipeline and healthy business.  Here's an example. A client has retained you to find a CFO.  You have let him know that your shortlist will take a minimum of 10 business days to create.  He sends you an email on day two that says, "Very Disappointed We Haven't Seen Any Candidates."...

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