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Quick Three Step Process for a Preliminary Interview

If you are a line manager, in other words, not in Human Resources-- Interviewing can be daunting and difficult.  It certainly isn't what you usually do on a day to day basis.   I thought I would take a second to just give you a simple formula for a preliminary interview.  1.  Ask the candidate about their background.  2.  Ask questions that are specific to the role you are filling.  3. Allow the candidate to ask you any questions about the company.  Take a look at the video below!  Happy hiring! 

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Recruiting Millennials

For the first time in, I think, history, the recent college graduates are not looking for the job that pays them the most money out of college, but rather they are looking for something with a certain je ne sais quoi.  A fun office environment.  The achievement of a social end.  Access to an industry that is only for insiders.   I'm no sociologist, so I won't waste your time here pontificating about why this is.  (no, everyone does not deserve a trophy....)  But I will tell you some tactics that work for attracting the most desired, technophile, social media mastering millennials to your team.  1.  Make them work for it.... An old tactic I learned from the halls of high...

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