Our Commitment to Excellence


JumpSmart Talent is committed to excellence as a service provider and as an employer. Below are a list of our ten promises. Five promises are for our clients, and five promises are for our employees.  


To Our Clients:

  1. We promise only to preset the most qualified candidates.  Our candidates come from blue chip firms, with excellent pedigree and stable careers. By the time you have spoken to them, they will be familiar with the role’s requirements and vetted by one of our recruiters. 
  2. We promise fairness. We will not discriminate against candidates of any protected class.  Our goal is to be inclusive at the beginning of the search process, so we can engage non-traditional candidates in the search. 
  3. We promise integrity.  We strive to do what we promise and keep to predictable timelines.  If there is ever a miscommunication, we promise to resolve the situation in the way that is best for our clients’ needs, not ours. 
  4. We promise a value add.  Our goal is to solve your hiring problems by spending extra time doing research and learning your market niche.  
  5. We promise to be realists.  If we think that our mutual expectations are not realistic, we promise not to be silent.  We will work together with you to define a reasonable scope of work. 


To Our Employees

  1. We promise to be a challenge.  This is an exciting career for the person who is willing to persevere and learn new skills daily.  We promise a challenging environment. 
  2. We promise to be positive.  No one wants work dread.  We promise this will be a happy place for you. 
  3. We promise to have your back.  We are in the people business which is never easy. If you are on our team, we will always have your back if candidates of clients want to pick a fight. 
  4. We promise you will earn money.  We are committed to having a consistent flow of new and exciting jobs to work.  There will always be an opportunity to make money. 
  5. We promise to treat you like an adult.  Work from home, leave when you need to, as long as our clients are happy, we are happy.