Our Brands are Dating Each Other

Hey.  I hope it doesn't come off a little bit too serious for you.  I know it's early in our relationship and all.... But, you know.... I just wanted you to know that I think our brands are dating each other.  That's cool with you, right?

You see, when you hire an executive search firm to fill roles at your company, you are marrying (marrying? wow this is moving fast...) your brand to my brand.  If my brand has a great reputation with candidates, we can give your brand a great reputation, too.  If we've been working in a market for 3-5 years and are well known, then your brand new direct-to-consumer-internet-instagram-teeshirt company can piggyback on our stability to attract candidates who otherwise might not take a risk on a company your size. 

Ultimately, the job of your external recruiter is really the sales and marketing of opportunities at your company, so you can think of every role you open with us as a Joint Venture.  An example of a Joint Venture (JV) is like when the movie Transformers did that joint venture with Camero.  A JV can make both brands look AWESOME or it can make both brands look like WAAAYYYY to many people said yes to a Transformers Limited Edition Camero.... 

There is a bit of a risk with every joint venture.  You share the same risk when choosing a search firm.  If you choose one of the oldies-but-goodies (S3 or something even OLDER...) you are sending a message about your company's mission, culture, and goals. 

At the end of the day, as much as a recruiter is trying to sell you their services, they are also evaluating whether or not your company is going to be a good business partner and worth the risk of a Joint Venture when the two brands start dating. 

Recently, I received an email from a client that was so rude, so misogynistic, so "beyond" that I had to end what might otherwise have been a lucrative agreement.  And it's not because I'm thin-skinned.  The reason I had to part ways with this client was because I thought that he might send a similar email to a candidate to whim I had connected him.  This would have compromised the reputation of my brand, which I've worked hard to build. 

Have you ever dated someone really awesome, and they make you feel like you are even more awesome just by being associated with them? Or you were dating someone and you had to miss an event, but this person went to the event and represented you and made you look totally awesome even though you weren't even there?  On the other hand, have you ever dated a total jerk and felt like you wanted to slink out of a party because they simultaneously insulted someone and dropped food on the floor? (was that too specific?)   

For better or for worse, when a recruiter agrees to take your job to the talent market your brands are dating.  It's helpful to think of it this way so you understand the risk both companies undergo in the search process.  And hey, who knows... it might even turn into something serious! 

Have a great weekend!  Happy Dating!