My Secret to Making Every Day a Good Day

Every headhunter out there knows that our job is filled with peaks and valleys and a ton of hanging on, waiting, and hoping other people do a great job in their interviews and/or accept our proposals. So, it would be easy to ride that roller coaster and let your mood go up and down with the circumstances. And even if you aren't in my industry, I'm sure your job has it's fair share of white-knuckle moments, as well.  Here's how I weather the storm. 

First, I get out in front of my day.  

I don't start working particularly early, but I do wake up really early.  I do this because I like to have about an hour of time to get my mind right.  I think about all the things that went well yesterday, and then I also think about lessons learned from the day before.  

There are always some things that you can be grateful for in the morning.  If only, "Today is a new day"  you have one thing to be thankful about.  I spend a few quiet minutes just listing things that I'm grateful about from the day before.  

Then I repeat my little mantra, "I am going to have SUCH a good day! It's going to be such a GREAT day!"  Just getting your mind right in the morning is the first step. 

Second, I write down my goals. 

I have an annual revenue goal and a monthly revenue goal that I strive to hit for myself.  I write them down in the right hand corner of a piece of paper.  Just Goal for 2018:  and Goal for January 2018.  It's the same number every time, and I believe that by simply focusing on that number I get one step closer to my goals.  

Third, I create a MANTRA for the day. 

The words "I AM" are very powerful.  What ever you put after the words, "I AM" will ultimately become true in your life.  So, you can actively choose who you are going to be throughout the day.  I like to write, "I am a powerful female entrepreneur."  or "I am surrounded by support and good luck." My favorite comes from the Bible:  "I am blessed and highly favored."  

Fourth, I make a list of every outcome I want to achieve. 

Outcomes are different than activities.  So, rather than write, "I want to speak to 20 candidates about the new CFO search."  I write, "I want to find three interested and qualified candidates to submit to my client."  This helps me focus more on having an impact than staying busy.  Every morning, we have nagging things in the back of our minds from the days and weeks before.  Writing down what needs to be done allows us to get our minds clear to focus on single tasks. It also creates a record for tomorrow, in case some things don't get done. 

Fifth, I make a list of all the miracles I want.

One of the biggest sources of stress is worrying about things that we can't control.  So I make a list of all the things I can't control and write out what I would like to have happen.  If it happens during the day, I circle it and write "Thank you!" in the margins.  It helps me put that stuff out of my mind and allow the Universe to unfold without messing with it's vibe.  

Then, after all that, I get to work!