Linkedin Profile Pictures: The Good, The Bad and the ...

So, working in Talent Acquisition means looking at a LOT of Linkedin profiles, and - consequently- a lot of Linkedin profile pictures.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of things I've actually seen! Please avoid these in your Linkedin profile pictures. 

Your Wedding Picture:  This isn't Facebook.  And while it may have been the happiest day of your personal life, I'm interested in your professional life.  Putting a wedding picture up there makes me think you may have some problems keeping your personal life, well...personal.  TMI. 

A Beach Picture:  No one at work needs to see this. In one particular instance, a candidate had a picture of himself just out of the water.  The body of water was cropped out of the picture, but he was just... sopping wet.  I can't remember ANYTHING about his skill set.  All I could think was "Why is he Wet?  Is he a weatherman covering a hurricane?" Gross. 

A Picture you Cut Someone Out of: This is bad. You can't use this picture. I want to focus on your profile, but it makes me SO curious.  Who does this mystery shoulder belong to?  Why did you cut them out?  Either way, I can't focus on your experience when I see this picture. Curious.

A Cartoon:  I hate these.  Some people have clever animations.  Maybe if you are an animator this is excusable, but you are not a cartoon.  And this is not professional. Lame. 

The Logo of your Favorite Sports Team:  Oh, you like the Mariners?  Great... Are you working for the Mariners?  Or are you going to be leaving early to get to the stadium during post season?  Either way, I don't care.  I care if you can do your job.  Not cool. 

Up in the CLUB:  Only if you are a 2nd year analyst at Goldman is this possibly intrinsically connected to your professional life.  Otherwise, I'm thinking hangovers for a Monday morning all-hands meeting.  Avoid. 

Duckface Selfie:  Let's avoid on all social media platforms.  But specifically, I don't care about the fullness of your lips, I need to know if you can work in Docker in an AWS environment. 

You and your baby:  Ok, I get it, family first.  But this is not professional. Save for Pinterest. 

A poorly taken picture:  It's the technology age, people, your phone is better than all of the cameras in the 20th century put together.  Have a friend take a picture that is focused, well lit, the whole shebang. Effort, please. 

Extreme Sports:  Cool, bruh.  Looks like you're turning all of your three day weekends into four day weekends.  Avoid. 

You in the Grocery Store:  I've seen this more than once.  I fully do not understand it.  No comment. 

No Picture:  What else are you hiding? 

So,  give it a little thought, a little effort, a little point and shoot love, and put up a picture of you, in an professional environment, wearing something you might wear to work. Easy Peasy.  Then we can focus on what matters-- your talent!