Don't Let the Urgent Overshadow the Important

This Blog Post is Part 2 of my Three Part Series on Time Management for Recruiters.  

I opened this Blog Post with a quote from my dad.  "Never let the Urgent Overshadow the Important." That means that no matter what feels like the the ticking time bomb in the middle of your day, you need to focus on the tasks that are going to build you a lasting pipeline and healthy business. 

Here's an example. A client has retained you to find a CFO.  You have let him know that your shortlist will take a minimum of 10 business days to create.  He sends you an email on day two that says, "Very Disappointed We Haven't Seen Any Candidates."  Your instinct is to stop what you are doing (likely sourcing candidate for that very job.)  to write a lengthy response explaining the recruitment process.  You lose your concentration, your flow, and ultimately get into a debate with the client rather than actually solving his problem.  The client's email is urgent, but the candidate search is important.  Get it?

Instead, you should save the email for one of your email catch up times.  (See our Part One of this series.)  Continue sourcing candidates while you are in the flow of it. 

Every single day, you will have a number of tasks that will always have to be done.  Email follow up, Linkedin follow up, returning calls, responding to resume submissions, adding new candidate to your database, et. c.  All of these should have a specific time, and then you do them all at once.  

If an emailed resume comes in after the allotted time, you add it to the batch to upload tomorrow.  If an email comes in after your morning email hour, then it waits until the afternoon. No one will die if you respond to an email within 4 hours. I promise. (unless you are a doctor.) This ensures that no matter what anyone else's agenda is that day, you meet your objectives on a daily basis. 

I promise it will make you more productive!