Recruiters' Dirty Little Secrets

One day long ago, I was initiated into the real secrets of HeadHunting... the stuff they don't tell you.  And this is why JumpSmart is disrupting the staffing industry: 

It was a lunch training session with our CEO of North Americas.  I was a first year recruiter at a global firm and I sat in the board room on the 31st floor of an iconic office building in New York just sort of looking down on midtown and thinking that I had finally made it… or something.

The name of the seminar was a simple, “How to Make More Money.”  How could I refuse such a promise?  The CEO sat in the front of the board room.  He was a British guy, and super strong looking.  The most striking feature of his was his rugged athleticism and his ability to fill a room with his positive energy.  He was never going to be the smartest man in the room but he would always be the most important. 

He stood up by the white board while we eagerly awaited the answer.  How are we going to make more money? Make more phone calls?  Find more candidates?  Make our clients so happy they send us referrals?  Add more value? He set up a series of multiplication tables that looked like this: 

20%  X 100,000 = 20,000

25% X 100,000 = 25,000

30% X 100,000= 30,000

His conclusion:  Charge clients more for the same amount of work and you will make more money WITHOUT doing anything differently. 

Ok.  Ok.  Disclaimer:  I understand capitalism and I understand margins.  But that just seemed sort of… like the client was my adversary and not someone to whom I had a responsibility of trust. 

He set up another set of multiplication tables:

30% X 100,000 =  30,000

30% x 110,000 = 33,000

30% X 120,000 = 36,000 

His conclusion--  Persuade your client to pay your candidates more salary, and you will make more money, as well.  This didn’t sit right with me.  I thought my job was to report upon the salary market for my clients rather than virtually creating it.  

And that’s why I decided to disrupt this industry.  I want JumpSmart recruiters to be aligned with our client’s needs as a business— to make sure that they are paying market salaries (and no more!) for their candidates and to advise about the realities of the hiring market without having to worry how it affects our transactional fee. 

Our clients are monthly members who simply trust us to find them candidates, and to leave the BS for the other firms.  So, are you getting a headhunter who is on your side when it comes to hiring?  Reach out to us to find out!