Recruiting Millennials

For the first time in, I think, history, the recent college graduates are not looking for the job that pays them the most money out of college, but rather they are looking for something with a certain je ne sais quoi.  A fun office environment.  The achievement of a social end.  Access to an industry that is only for insiders.  

I'm no sociologist, so I won't waste your time here pontificating about why this is.  (no, everyone does not deserve a trophy....)  But I will tell you some tactics that work for attracting the most desired, technophile, social media mastering millennials to your team. 

1.  Make them work for it.... An old tactic I learned from the halls of high school-- if something comes too easily then it's not valued.  You may have received a resume you like from a candidate, but don't call them right away.  Rather ask them to call YOU.  Ask them to persuade YOU why they would be an asset to your organization.  If they are doing the work in the process, suddenly the very act of working for the role makes them want the job.  

2.  Don't talk about too many details on the first interview.  Yes.  You have a technical role to fill. But the first time you speak to them, you have to sell the dream.  Does this candidate know that your team does casual Fridays and volunteers at the Red Cross?  Do they know that you're planning to make this position grow with the company for the next 4 years?  Do you reimburse MBA programs or have access to cool new technology.  The first interview is the time to tell them.  

3.  Remember- They Believe They Are Shouldering the Risk-  I might be old school, but I feel like the company who gives someone their first job takes on most of the inherent risk.  Do you remember what you did at your first job?  How many mistakes you made?  Right. I once put an $1,218 of postage on a stamp because I just didn't quite understand the Pitney Bowes Machine...   But recent graduates think they are taking the most risk. They think that by taking a job at your company they are risking the myriad of possible futures they have imagined for themselves including- professional skydiver, possible movie star, and instagram sensation.  This is a classic mindset when your career is starting, which isn't really unique to millennials.  The idea is that if you take one opportunity at the beginning career you are sealing your fate FOR-EV-ER.  A little life experience will teach them that your fate is never sealed forever, but for now hiring managers have to remember and empathize with this mindset. 

4.  Mentor is the Magic word-  If I had a dollar for every time a recent grad told me he or she was looking for a Mentor, I would close down JumpSmart and retire.   Make sure candidates know that you will give them the attention that every special snowflake requires to be successful. 

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