3 Reasons Your Startup Needs JumpSmart

1) Time-  By this time, many of us have heard the almost mythological story of how Lori Goler landed her role at Facebook by asking Sheryl Sandberg the famous question, "What is your biggest problem and how can I help solve it for you?"   And while we all remain in awe at amazing intuition behind Goler's question... We should also be amazed by Sheryl's response.  "Recruitment."  Recruitment!  You mean to tell me that the hardest and most time consuming part of her job was... you know... not actually her job? That would be like hiring someone to sing a concert and telling them that before they can go onstage, they first have to hang all the lights.  Sure, some singers can get the job done so they can get on stage, but wouldn't everyone be happier if an expert took care of it, leaving her to maybe rehearse a new song?  Not a great metaphor, but you get the idea.  In a talk at Stanford, the founders of Y Combinator suggested that founders spend 40% of their time finding new employees. If you could have your 40% back, what would you accomplish?

2) Objectivity-  Tell me if you have ever been in a strategic meeting that sounded like this, "This guy said all the right things in the interview but it's been 6 weeks and none of his objectives have been met."  People can talk the talk without really being able to code the code or make the sale or market the... you get the idea.  People are BS artists everywhere, but it seems to be an epidemic in startup hiring where enthusiasm and culture are HR currency.  Now, we can't make phonies stop being phony, but we will make sure that all candidates have triangulated references and we will add our BS meter to yours while we help you make a hiring decision. 

3) Guarantees-  The startup world moves fast and your business needs to be able to pivot (ugh.. that word) at a moment's notice.  We get that, and we know that quick changes in mission and direction may change your hiring landscape.  We want you to be able to staff as you need it, and not be afraid to make changes because your recruitment firm won't offer a refund.  If you need to make a change for any reason, we will help you find a replacement as long as you remain a monthly member. Period.