Commencement Wisdom from a HeadHunter

Congratulations Class of 2016!  College is coming to a close and this is an exciting time of transition and anxiety.  Here are a few things that I wish someone told me when I graduated undergrad 10 years ago....  

1) Your friends don't live in close proximity any more.  Take time to pursue and nurture meaningful friendships.

2) Employers will begin paying you for your time and for the outcomes of your time.  This is different from school where the outcome is often more important than the time you spent on, say, a paper.  Do the most efficient job you can on assignments.  This is  your best work in the shortest amount of time.  

3)  The first few years after graduation, some people continue to party like they did in college.  When 10 years go by you will see a significant difference in the achievements between the frequent party-goers and the ones who kept it to the weekends.

4)  A good bottle of Vitamins and a decent bottle of Champagne cost about the same amount of money-- know when to buy which. 

5) Unless you plan on becoming a professor, the usefulness of graduate degree in a liberal arts subject has an inverse proportion to how much debt you accrue obtaining it. 

6) Choose a company, not a job title.  Choose a company or organization that excites you--- then find something you can do to be useful to them.  The happiest employees have done this. 

7) Even if a company is "business casual" that dress code begins AFTER your first interview. You will not die from putting on a suit.  Being overdressed is a sign that you take the opportunity seriously, not a faux pas. 

8) Your online profile is not a deposition.  You don't have to include any information that does not serve the narrative you are creating about yourself.  And to be honest, we should all be carefully creating our personal narratives. 

9) If you are in a romantic relationship and the man or woman says they can't commit because of work... run.  I'm a recruiter and I have YET to read a job description that hinders meaningful personal relationships.   Move on until you find someone who has time for you. 

10)  You should always have an updated resume ready to send from your computer and smartphone.  It should be no more than two pages. If you need help with that, use the code CLASSOF16 for our professional resume service

Now- go enjoy the last few weeks of fun...