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Women in Tech: Stop doing THIS on your Resume

One of my favorite things in the world is helping women get amazing roles that are often 90% men.  I worked with a candidate who was an amazing women in technology, and we were trying to solve the problem of why she was getting called in for roles that were not senior enough for her.   So I took a look at her resume.  Knowing that she was the first woman to have achieved the level of success in a highly technical field, I assumed her resume would read like the A side of the Beatle's Greatest Hits.  But, it didn't.  And there were two big problems with her resume.  First, she was WAY too humble. I mean this chica...

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My Secret to Making Every Day a Good Day

Every headhunter out there knows that our job is filled with peaks and valleys and a ton of hanging on, waiting, and hoping other people do a great job in their interviews and/or accept our proposals. So, it would be easy to ride that roller coaster and let your mood go up and down with the circumstances. And even if you aren't in my industry, I'm sure your job has it's fair share of white-knuckle moments, as well.  Here's how I weather the storm.  First, I get out in front of my day.   I don't start working particularly early, but I do wake up really early.  I do this because I like to have about an hour of time...

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So, what, exactly is a No Fly Zone, at least in this context? No Fly Zones are periods of time where the sky above your head is clear from distractions and you can get down to business. For me, the constant alerts of Linkedin connections, Text messages, Emails about cake in the conference room (I work remotely, ergo, no cake.), and that one horoscope app that tells you your horoscope literally every time you are just about to pee, all of these things are like little paper airplanes that are getting thrown at our heads during the silent reading portion of study hall. So I’ve decided to create No Fly Zones.  My first foray into the world of NFZs had...

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